May 09/05/2018 | BY NJ PRO MUSIC 

We have mix a numerous amount of songs and discuss with a lot of producers and entrepreneurs usually the biggest problem we had at the moment of mixing a song is: Get the snare to be concordant with the mix and get that ”Gigantic” sound. you know what I mean with gigantic guys I know you do.

We give you some crucial advices in each frequencies


EQ: Put on any of this parameters and know where to boost your snare and be aware of what feels this gives to your mix:


20-150hz: usually is a useless range of frecuncies that you can remove completly with a high pass filter

150-250hz: add or take off depending on your snares body

500-800hz: add plenitude to your snare and cut it if necessary (Boxing Effects Usually)

1500-4500hz: Get a Sharp attach sound inside this range

4500 – 8000Hz: Starting from this line you can add air to your sound giving capacity of looking for harmonies to your cymbals



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