Kirill Barakhtyansky

Hi Everybody! My name is Kirill Barakhtyansky and I’m 23 years old. I come from Ukraine, from a beautiful town Mukachevo. I’ve been playing music for over 6 years now. I compose original music, make covers and create different guitar reviews. Also, Im studying to become a doctor at a medical faculty of Uzhgorod university.

My journey into the fascinating world of music started with a classic nylon strings guitar which I received as a birthday gift from my parents in 2010. Later I enrolled in a music school where I studied classic stuff, scales and so on. I soon figured that they wouldn’t teach me Smells like teen spirit there, so I just hit the road. Someone told me that there was a great guitar player in our local music store. I went to see Serga – that is his name – that very day. He turned out to be an awesome teacher . My guitar skills skyrocketed! He has been my music mentor ever since. In 2014 I also began cooperation with the owner of Uzh Guitars store on creating reviews for his guitars and gear.


With time I felt that just playing a guitar wasn’t enough for me so I decided to dive into the mysterious sea of sound engineering. When my skills reached the appropriate level, I did music production for several bands. I also like to get some fun from time to time. For instance, I had a collaboration with Eugene Ryabchenko and we made a few great covers for Babymetal.


Currently I’m working hard on my YouTube channel.

About NJProMusic
I feel it’s a great place to learn and find amazing stuff. I love NJBass and the templates have helped me get a fast and amazing mix.