How to get a SICK Guitar Tone!, EASY and FAST!

January 09/02/2018 | BY NJ PRO MUSIC

We all already know about a lot of plugins designed to create guitar tones and some with pre-designed guitar tones ready and almost automatic, that would make our guitars sound awesome just by inserting them into the chain. BUT even so it does not work for you?, I’ll tell you why

If you are one of those who care about getting the most expensive plugins, the most modern or the best presets to have that tone you want, let me tell you that it will not work as you expect if you do not know this great tip that we will give you and that Every professional producer knows.

The importance of the Pre-Signal and DI

Thats it! the pre-signal is now the key to get the sound you want. Most plugins are designed to give you the sound you are looking for easily. But these are based on the simple rule of good DI Signal.


These are some tips to have a good DI Signal.


1.-Make sure that the song you are playing is being played correctly. A DI Signal also depends on how correctly you play as accurate and clean as possible.

2.- Use new strings to give definition and clarity to your DI Signal.


Basic gear to get a great DI Signal.

Interface: Focusrite Pro 14 / Scarlett 2i2


DI Box – Countryman Type 85 / Radial Di Box

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