May 11/05/2018 | BY NJ PRO MUSIC

For many years, during lots of hours of recording in the estudio, all around the world, every band have been through the almost imposible task of getting ”that” perfect bass tone and for real, we get how important this is when we’re looking for sharpness and personality in our mixing, the first thing that we think about¬† in drums and guitars that just a few of musicians know but every engineer and producers do, is that all of this elements depend alot on having the right basstone for your mixing. Since this is the key to get the sound you’re expecting.


In the Nj ProMusic team we took charge of designing an implement that would get all the stress of getting a kick-ass bass tone out of you. This Bass Tone was recorded with the best brands of bass, Guitar dingwall achieving with it a fusion with the stiletto bass of schecter. You can personalize your tones through our DI and customize it as well.

Djent, Metalcore, DeathMetal , DeathCore, Rock, Heavy Metal and every branch of the genre of metal we took care of every aspect with NJBass so you can get a professional sound with a wide variety of diversity and genres.

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