May 09/05/2018 | BY NJ PRO MUSIC

Vocal recording requires a big amount of dedication and finesse from the vocalist, the hability to get a well recorded session is one that can be lost indeed, if you’re not careful enough. When you’re doing vocals your voice gets different changes that could get as a result: your vocals getting recorded in different ways each take. this is because the simple fact that even if you dont want it, vocals gets projected in different ways everytime, over time you will notice this with even more notoriety.

“Because of this, is necesary that you take this in consideration before recording, and a couple of leftover elemements which are determinant in the process of record and get better vocal takes.”


Tip 1
Vocal exercises: along the way we have come across with amazing singers and lots of them didn’t take the time to warm up their voices before coming to the studio and this is such a 
big a mistake, it doesn’t matter how good you are even if you are the god of vocals you certainly need to warm up your vocal chords and put that touch of flexibility in your vocals and in the recording sessions, just like a guitarrist that have to play a few minutes before recording to get his hands to be agile and ready for recording , the exact same thing need to be done by the singers.


Tip 2

The Humidity: If you record in your own home studio it’s very important that you have knowledge of the humidity of your place, this can affect the quality of your record session we recommend that at the moment of recording make sure that your home studio have no humidity.


Tip 3

Don’t record in a noisy place: Okay okay, we know this is pretty obvious and we know that alot of people have told you this before. But it’s such a key factor.  in any case that you haven’t heard of this before. the title say it by itself do not record in a noisy enviroment, turn off the tv or any other artifact that can produce sound tell your mom to don’t scream at you when the dinner is ready, and tell your brothers and sisters to please go play in the backyard. This will directly affect to your record clarity and will secure you a well recorded session, No one wants to turn up the volume or while controling gain find out that there is an undesirable noise inside the record, right?


“Keep this in mind before recording and you will be on track to get better recording for vocals.”


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