May 21/05/2018 | BY NJ PRO MUSIC


How to Equalize Kicks


We all want our kick hitting the mix but not all of us know exactly what to do at the time of equalize. Where to boost , remove or add in the equalization.

Heres a quick guide which will help you to know with exactitude what are you playing in your drums kick, nevertheless, have in mind that before boosting any of this parameters it is necessary, that you try to identify what your kick needs, since lots of times is usual to abuse of this parameters and cause damages to the sound you want to get.


0-60Hz Boom and Deep ”Boof-Boof” sound

80-200Hz Punchy Sound

200-300Hz Commmon to slighly cut this area

500-1500Hz Beginning of the attach beater sound

2000Hz – Brightness and Sharp effect


How to Equalize Toms


It is important to emphasize in the variety and different sizes of toms or even what they’re made off since this will be a crucial factor on how you should equalize.

Now we proceed to the tips:


0 – 250 Hz Add Lows for fullness frequencies ( usally for floor toms boosted at lower frequencies 80-100Hz)

2 – 10kHz add air (High Shelf)

3 – 4kHz Add more Attack

5 – 7kHz Add attack by boosting this area ( actually depending on the size of the toms)

6 – 7kHz add stick sound

Apply any of this ajusts to your toms, depending on what you need and dont be afraid of making a hard or agressive equalization, experiment with it so you can get the right direction to your personal sound.


How to Equalize Cymbals


The Cymbals are basically whats bring the drums to life when its in the mix or thats what you feel when they’re not present in it. Cause of this lets analize some frencuencies that your Cymbal or overhead needs to be put through when its being mixed with the rest of the instruments.

(If you’re using drums samples such as drummer 3, steven slate drums or any other. this ajustments will help to define your sound since this cymbals samples are previously treated to make your work easier)


0-200Hz Reduce gong sound, usually cut this area with a high pass filter

200-400Hz reduce ambience

10kHz Add hardness

15kHz brighten and add crackle soun


How to Equalize Hi-Hats


0-200Hz Cut If Muddy

200-Hz Reduce Clang Sound

7 – 10kHz Shimmer / Skarke

10kHz Boost for “top”

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